Utica NY Professional Painter – About us

I began learning the painting trade from old-time painters as a teenager in 1984. I learned from the ground up by cleaning paintbrushes and cleaning and prepping the job site for professional painters. From there, I learned textbook-style painting techniques and applications without cutting corners. Preparation is key to a premium, long-lasting paint job, and the skills they taught me allow me to give my clients excellent results without cutting corners.

In New York, where I gained most of my experience, the weather is tough on building exteriors. The elements destroy surfaces and finishes requiring constant restoration. In order to be successful in this environment, you have to be truly skilled. When I opened my company in 1996, that skill was recognized and rewarded with prestigious work. I performed work on many landmarks, rehabilitated the interior and exterior of the Bethany Presbyterian Church, and was even asked by the mayor of Utica, NY to rehabilitate the world-famous boilermaker sign.

Primo Painting Inc.

In the entire time I’ve been in business, I’ve never received a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. In fact, the mayor of Utica provided me with a letter of recommendation based on my great work ethic and professionalism.

I hope to deliver to the community a level of craftsmanship that has been forgotten by most. As a family-owned company, we appreciate your business and acceptance into your community.

My prices are not the lowest you will find. I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for.” Underbidding a job does not allow a painter the budget they need for high quality materials and the work will be cheap and poorly done. I provide a superior service and my prices reflect that. While my services may cost you more, they will yield beautiful results that will last.