Exterior House Painting UticaExterior House Painting Utica

If you need a quick and affordable boost for your curb appeal, exterior house painting Utica is the answer. The weather takes its toll on paint over time, causing it to chip, peel and sag. The hot sun beating down may have caused it to fade. And the humidity could be causing mildew or mold growth. Our exterior house painting services can completely restore your home to its former glory.

The Exterior House Painting Utica Process

We have been in the residential and commercial painting industry in Utica since 1985, so we know that 75 percent of a paint job is in the preparation. Through careful prepping, we will garner the best results. Our exterior house painting process will guarantee a smooth, beautiful finish that will last.

Choosing Paint and Colors – Depending on where you live and the weather conditions your home is exposed to, different types of paint can be used. We’ll inspect the surface of your home, take into consideration your location and help you choose the best quality product for your Utica exterior house painting project. We have years of experience helping families choose the perfect color combinations for their main paint, trim and accents. We’ll help you to stand out on your Utica block without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Washing the Surface – Whether it’s dirt, mildew or both building up on your Utica home, it needs to be washed away before exterior house painting can begin. Anything standing between the paint and the actual surface of your home will prevent the paint from adhering properly. It will not last as long. It may look splotchy or streaky. It will eventually chip or peel. Depending on the condition of your surface, we will either hand wash or pressure wash the outside of your home. Our team members are experts and know the precise angles and amounts of pressure needed to thoroughly clean a Utica home without causing damage.

Surface Prep – Once the surface is clean, we’ll look for anything else that could cause problems during exterior house painting. Chipped and peeling surfaces will need to be scraped away. If a glossy paint was used before, we’ll sand it down. Cracks may need to be sealed to prevent water leaks. If you have siding, we’ll need to place aluminum pieces in between panels. This will prevent the paint from sealing them together and stopping air flow. With the moist Utica air, trapping humidity under the panels could lead to mold growth.

Exterior House Painting Utica– When the prep work is complete, we’ll move on to the actual painting process. We work from top to bottom to create the perfect finish. We use premium products from top brands like Porter Paints, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. You won’t see streaks or blotches, just a flawless finish.

Clean Up – Our exterior house painting project isn’t finished until everything is cleaned up. We clean all the paint chips that were scraped from the house and put away all of our equipment. The only way you’ll be able to tell we were there is by the beautiful new paint on your Utica home.

Exterior House Painting Utica

In addition to exterior house painting utica, we also offer interior house painting, pressure washing and deck, and driveway sealing. We can completely transform the exterior of your home without tackling any major remodeling projects. Almost everything we do can be done within a day or two and will cause very little disruption to your routine. When your home needs a change, let us help.

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