Floor Services

Erase years of dirt and weathering around your home with our wide range of outdoor services, including driveway sealing, deck coating and floor coating in Utica NY. From careful preparation to exquisite finishes, your home will be the pride of the neighborhood, front and back.

Driveway Sealing Utica

Your driveway makes a big impression on people who pass by. If yours is the Ugly Duckling of the neighborhood, let our Utica driveway sealing service renew it. We use our pressure washer and good old fashioned scrubbing to remove dirt, mildew, old paint and oil from every crevice. If it is cracked and crumbling, we will fill the gaps with a professional formula that stays put. Then we will apply special driveway sealing protection that penetrates the surface and keeps dirt out.

Technique is important for a lasting result, and we are specialists with more than 20 years of experience. It is important to wait until the concrete is completely dry before the sealant goes on. We will help you select the right driveway sealing product for your needs and the desired look. Driveways can be glossy, textured or matte.

Want a unique look? Our team of Utica driveway sealing specialists can also paint the surface. We also do custom decorative concrete staining. No matter what you have in mind, we will make sure your driveway sealing project is easier to keep clean. You will love the bright, well-cared for appearance.

Restore Your Deck
There are few better ways to blend indoor and outdoor living than a patio deck. Enjoy the outdoors without worry with deck coatings, or renew surfaces with expert deck sealing. It’s not just a matter of looks but also structural safety.

Utica’s harsh weather can turn your deck a dull silver-gray. When that happens, it means it has been ravaged by algae and other plant life. These organisms actually work their way into the surface and damage the wood. That makes the surface rough, which is even more attractive to plants. Wood can splinter, crack and become slippery. Call us to renew appearances with deck coating and deck sealing services in Utica.

Deck coating – We will carefully scrub all dirt and debris, as well as kill any fungus. When the surface dries, we will coat it with a sealant that will make it easy to clean and maintain. You will not worry about your family’s safety or your outdoor area’s appearance.

Deck sealing – The right rail and floor coating makes all the difference! We use special only the best deck sealing and painting products available. When they are applied with our level of care and skill, they hold their own against tropical elements.

Floor Coating ServicesFlooring takes a beating in any condition, indoors or out. Renew and protect it with a quality floor coating in Utica and throughout the neighboring cities. Our team of specialists can remove embedded stains in concrete and cement and then give you the look you love.

Keeping your home beautiful inside and out has never been easier. Call now for a free estimate on many floor Services including floor coating, driveway sealing and deck coating in Rome, Utica, Oneida, Marcy, Yorkville, Whitesboro, Clinton , New Hartford and Herkimer. Contact us for a free estimate on all of our services or call us today at 315-797-0638